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Friday, 10 May 2019

Wild Stone Men’s talc inspires women to make the right choice for their husbands

Wild Stone Men’s talc inspires women to make the right choice for their husbands

New Delhi, 9th May 2019: Male Talc Brand, Wild Stone from McNROE, on Wednesday announced the launch of #GoodChoiceSister TVC campaign. The campaign advocates the adoption of male talcum powder by showcasing the relevance of androgynous fragrances in a relatable way.

Speaking on the occasion Narendra Kumar Daga, founder & MD, McNROE said, “Gender- neutral grooming products were a safe option till consumers became more aware & informed about their specific grooming preferences. Today Indian consumers have evolved and are on the lookout for products that suit their personalities. Wild Stone means to facilitate this evolution and create products that specifically address these choices.”

In most Indian households, the purchase of talcum powder is triggered by women. As a result the family ends up using the same floral fragrance powder. So the challenge for the agency was to weave a narrative to make women buy Wild Stone Men’s talc for their husbands. Wild Stone has always distinguished itself in the category with its core of fragrance. The film beautifully brings out the dilemma of a woman when her husband starts smelling like her because of the talc. The quirky narrative reaches out to women with a humble request, “Dear sister, let your man smell like a mister.” With this campaign, Wild Stone’s presence will be stronger in the Men’s grooming category.

Presently, India boasts of over INR 2,000 crore market size for talcum powder which is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 10% in terms of value in the short to medium term. 

Wild Stone’s two-variant talcum powder portfolio currently includes the marine, zesty freshness of Hydra Energy Deo Talc and intense, woody fragrance-Ultra Sensual Deo Talc. With this campaign Wild Stone aims to strengthen its brand position further and increase its consumer base.

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Agency – Brand David Communications

Production house: Jamic Films

Director: Shirish Daiya

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