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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Virat and AB talk about their camaraderie that they have built over the years

Virat and AB talk about their camaraderie that they have built over the years

Rapid Fire

If your partner isn’t playing cricket what is he most likely doing? 
Virat Kohli: One spending time with his family. Second being on a Golf course. 
AB de Villiers: Correct. Golf course and Family. Pretty much right. He has changed over the years but now Anushka has come into the party so there is definitely time spent there. They enjoy quite time, they like being healthy. Reading quite a bit. He doesn’t look like a knowledgeable man but he knows a lot. He is definitely not the person that he was five years ago.

One thing your teammate does before a game. Any ritual, anything before the game? 
Virat Kohli: He always wears flipflops, never seen him wearing shoes. 
AB de Villiers: Before the game he looks very professional, thinking about the game and thinking about his moves. Very professional to the point.

Favourite Cuisine? 
Virat Kohli: South African Braai and Biltong as a snack. He loves having dosa’s in the Leela Palace as well. 
AB de Villiers: Dal makhani. 
Virat Kohli: Global favourite dish 
AB de Villiers: He is off meat so no meat anymore. He is a vegetarian now so things have changed a little bit. So, his diet has changed completely.

Virat Kohli: It’s so difficult for AB to think of Vegetarian dishes 
AB de Villiers: Dimsums. Vegetable dimsums. They always have nuts around and veggies.

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