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Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Entrepreneurial Womanhood__Exploring Media Opportunities on Mother's Day

The Entrepreneurial Womanhood__Exploring Media Opportunities on Mother's Day

Dr. Prakriti Poddar, Director of Poddar Wellness Ltd, Managing Trustee of Poddar Foundation who is an expert in Mental Health, HR, Education and Business Upliftment

Belonging from a family where it is expected that housewife is better-suited job and friends believed she will be just a mother. To earn an income and to support a lifestyle was difficult; she mothered 3 children, and practiced at home. Prakriti Poddar, today is voice as an expert in mental health area, thought leader, Councilor in knowledge, information and awareness, a writer, an activist and a motivation speaker.

She was awarded ‘The Iconic Woman Of the Year in Social Service’ by the Nav Bharat Times. In 2017 The India Leadership Conclave awarded Prakriti with India’s Most Promising Woman Leader in Mental Health, Holistic Support and Wellness Model’ award. Prakriti is the Chief Strategy Officer of the National Women’s Parliament, a platform that gives power to the collective voice of women and works over a series of issues – from gender equality, sanitation, child rights, environment, to nutrition.

Ms. Shailja Mitta, Founder of Koala Kabs

In a world where women are falsely relegated to the second gender, Shailja Mittal’s initiative to operate a niche women-only cab service has caught the attention of world media for her sheer determination and inventiveness in building a business model that works. After working for over a decade as a software engineer and a robotics instructor, Ms Mittal, came up with the idea of starting ‘Koala Kabs’, a cab service for the vulnerable – school going kids, college-going students, working women and the elderly, after an incident which lakhs of people face daily in the city. Her regular cab driver, who took her child to and from school, failed to turn up one day and his replacement turned out to be a shady fellow with no reliable antecedents. This triggered her entrepreneurial instincts almost immediately because here was an opportunity in the guise of a problem. She started a cab service aptly named ‘Koala’, for the animal’s fierce maternal and protective instincts, with her own capital.

Shailja Mittal was presented with a Digital Women Award in November 2018 in the leadership category by at the Bombay Stock Exchange. In the one and a half years of its existence, Koala Kabs and Ms. Mittal have established a brand name that stands out amidst a sea of male-dominated outfits as the ‘safest’ mode of travel for kids, women and the elderly in Delhi-NCR.

Monica Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo 

It is her creativity and out of the box thinking that has made Monte Carlo the fashion brand it is today.  Though, always a part of the company’s business decisions, Monica formally joined as Executive Director, Monte Carlo in 2004. She streamlined the company’s operations, making it more professional and forward looking. Apart from heading marketing and advertising, Monica has also been proactive on the product front, initiating new add-on categories like Alpha for Women and Tweens Monte Carlo Collection. Most of the advertising campaigns and TV commercials that people associate with Monte Carlo have been Monica’s brain child.

Monica is not just a successful business woman. Her interests include poetry and painting. She is an active member of Poets, Artists Unplugged, a diverse and dynamic global poetry group.

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