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Monday, 6 May 2019

Stream the latest film titles across regional languages on Amazon Prime Video

Stream the latest film titles across regional languages on Amazon Prime Video

~ Watch the digital premiere of the thrilling blockbuster Airaa in Tamil and Telugu shortly after its theatrical release ~

~Popular Gujarati titles Order Order out of Order and Fodi Laishu Yaar are now available on Amazon Prime Video~

~The recently released Telugu romantic drama Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara will be available for Prime members starting this week~

Mumbai, May 2 2019: Amazon Prime Video brings its customers a fresh line up of regional content, specially curated for Indian audiences. This week, Prime Video is all set for the digital premiere of the Tamil horror film, Airaa. The story revolves around a young journalist, played by Tamil superstar Nayanthara, who encounters a supernatural presence in her grandmother's home. The thriller will be available to stream in Tamil and Telugu, soon after its theatrical run.

Stream the well-received Telugu film, Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara, starring Srinivas Sai and Priyanka Jain as the lead. The film is directed by Sateesh Chandra Nadella. Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara is an unusual story of love and realization and the romantic drama will now be available to stream on Prime Video in Telugu.

Prime members can now also stream popular Gujarati titles such as Order Order Out of Order, a court room drama that revolves around the story of two brothers who fight their inner demons and take on the path of truth and honesty. Fodi Laishu Yaar, a very young and fresh Gujarati romance comedy based on the life of engineering students, is now available on Amazon Prime Video along with various other regional titles.


Airaa [Tamil and Telugu]

Airaa is a Tamil suspense drama movie directed by Sarju. The movie that revolves around Yamuna (Nayanthara), a young journalist and YouTuber who uploads videos on `Live Ghost Experience` to earn money. She visits her grandmother’s home in Pollachi as the bunglow is eerie and is perfect for her YouTube adventures. During her stay, she notices the presence of something supernatural in the place, which puts her rational thinking to test.

Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara [Telugu]

Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara is an unusual story of love and realization. Ramana (Srinivas Sai) falls in love with Sulochana (Priyanka Jain) but their relationship fails to materialize due to which he decides to end his life. He then meets a soul that communicates with him to make him realize the importance of life over love. The film has elements of fantasy, comedy and romance sprinkled all over for a perfect fun watch.

Fodi Laishu Yaar [Gujarati]

Fodi Laishu Yaar is a very commonly used phrase amongst Gujaratis globally. The phrase generates sentiments of hope as well as gives comfort and strength to overcome any odd situation that anybody might face in their lives. The story covers aspects of engineering student’s life and revolves around the love story of a cute duo, Raj and Simran.

Order Order out of Order [Gujarati]

Order Order focuses on the story of two brothers Yash Thakar and Raj Thakar who are fighting with their inner demons. After getting trained as lawyers, they decide to follow the path of truth and honesty. While doing so, they establish their own firm and reach great heights. However, things take a turn when one such case changes their lives and leaves them in turmoil. Will the two brothers be able to get out of the mess they have gotten themselves into? Will Justice still prevail?

Oddbods [English - Kids]

Oddbods is a sketch-based series following the adventures of seven adorable characters as they laugh, fool, and trip their way through the most seemingly ordinary situations, often with unexpected consequences. Each Oddbod has a distinct personality that was created to appeal to adults and children alike. Everything is about to get a little odd.

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