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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Race, religion, prestige, reputation yancyapalikadila love story: 'Pyrenees'!

Race, religion, prestige, reputation yancyapalikadila love story: 'Pyrenees'!

Said the youth, by extension, love alanca. It is undeniable feeling of love is universal. Without any discrimination to the city, country, province or city, this feeling is the same in all places. Love is being followed by the bhavanaca is so severe, religion, prestige, reputation e. Do not location. Premapudhe are viruna social, economic patalisuddha. And said that love rusave-phugave, dhusaphusa also permitted the extension, and a small comment. When the same ever in this small rusavya phugavyanca convert 'break-up'. That is likely to be considered by the creators decided to asakyatanca-Vishwajit Patil produced Marathi film 'Pires' The story, screenplay and dialogues have been penned by Kashinath Patil and Vishwajit.
'Pires' stories will be permitted the idea that the name is in the rural areas. It is a very smart boy in the house of a poor village, which is learned in college after X because of higher learning facility in the village. There phulato premankura his life, but it is the waves in a strange situation. This is depicted in this film is set in 'Pyrenees' by director Pradeep layakara very innovative way.
A fresh new pair of film 'Pires is coming down to the audience. Vishwajeet Subhash Patil and light. Maanini them inaccessible, Vitthal khalase, Sea Kurd party are like tagadi artist USC. Lately film Muhurt Sambhajirao Bal Patil (Shiv Chhatrapati Award winner), Telugu Titans coach doramesa bhendigiri (Dadoji Konddeo Award Winners 1 99 6), Sir Vithal Patil, doannasaheba Gaude, pomp, and Yuvraj Patil was held.

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