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Sunday, 5 May 2019

More than 6kg of gold is consumed every day from the south region of the country.

More than 6kg of gold is consumed every day from the south region of the country.

South India has always been a strong area for the bullion market. A large chunk of the South Indian community believes in investing in gold big time. Be it for a wedding or other occasions or just as a mere investment option. South India is leading in this area compared to any other regions. 

Initially, visiting the jewelers was the only medium to buy gold but now with digitalization and various digital platforms providing gold trading opportunity, this region has upgraded itself with time. 

According to the observation by Augmont, the first digi-gold platform, the majority of their audience are based out of South India.  A major share of demand comes from the south. Overall, more then 6kg of gold is demanded every day from this region. 

The south region has widely accepted digi-gold as an investment option along with the traditional method. Showing the progressive side of the region. 

To further elaborate on this and to understand the various aspects of digi-gold I would happy to connect you with my client Augmont. The company's digital app is the first platform for trading in the bullion industry. Being the oldest, the brand has valuable insights to contribute. 

Please let me know if you are working on any gold story for Akshay Tritiya or otherwise where Augmont can fit in.

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