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Friday, 10 May 2019

Dear Aunty… Ham Thak Gaye Hain

Dear Aunty… Ham Thak Gaye Hain

Viral video by Yuvaa aims to start a conversation between women of different generations

"Ladkon ke saath itna chipak chipak ke kyu baat karti ho" 
“Bhai saath mein hain na faaltu mein kyu darti ho”?
“Top thoda upar karo, bra straps dikh rahe hai”?
“Skirt thoda neeche karo, ghutne dikh rahe hai”?
“Office se itna late aati ho, na jaane kis kiske saath soti ho” 
“Aur phir rape ho jaye, toh poore internet pe roti ho”

Mumbai, 6th May: We’ve all become tired of hearing taunts and comments of Auntys around us, who seem to exist to make us feel inadequate about ourselves. A recent viral video of a lady shaming a girl for wearing ‘short clothes’ raised an important nation-wide conversation about the society we have created around us, where we are okay with unnecessary, harsh and inappropriate comments, that causes more harm to young women than helps them.

In fact, the viral video has garnered large-scale attention among all women alike because the middle-aged woman in it went on to address the men present at the public space to ‘go ahead and rape’ the girl who she aimed her comments at, only because she didn’t approve of the length of the shorts that the girl wore. But is the girl at fault? Are her clothes at fault? And even though her language and thinking must be condemned, is the middle-aged women as fault? Or is it our collective mentality that reinforced patriarchy and pits women against women? As must as we must outrage about rape, should we also not be talking about rape culture?

A video by Yuvaa, a new youth platform aimed at empowering young Indians through empathetic, emotional, enriching, entertaining and meaningful video content on issues that matter to the youth, aims to start a dialogue between auntys and young girls. By unlearning hundreds of years of patriarchal conditioning, if women of different generations come together, we can yet achieve the gender equal world we fight for. 

Digital stars Aisha Ahmed, Yashaswini Dayama, along with social influencers Shreemi Verma, Sulagna Chatterjee, Preeti Hansraj Sharma and Simran Mishra join the young women of Yuvaa to talk about not just how bad things are, but how we can fix it to create a fairer, safer and kinder world.

The video, that was launched on social media yesterday, has been garnering thousands of views, and has been shared by celebrities on all social media including Nakuul Mehta, Khushbu Sundar, Aahana Kumra, Maanvi Gagroo, Sumeet Vyas, Naveen Kasturia, Amol Parashar, Akriti Kakar, Rhea Chakraborty, and many more. The official #MeTooIndia twitter handle also posted about the video.


YouTube Link:

‘We’re sorry ki yeh you versus us ho gaya,?

Chalo yeh ladai hum band karein,?

Ab bas ho gaya.?

Chalo aap aur main ek baar baith kar baat karte hai,?

Ye rape ke comment PE nahi,?

Is rape ke culture se hi ladte hain.’

Here’s what celebrities are saying about it online:

Nakuul Mehta, TV actor: Last few days I kept thinking of a kinder way to have responded to #DearAunty & her prejudiced belief system. This comes the closest. So well done @weareyuvaa & all the young voices for this beautiful response. (

MeTooIndia: What a beautifully empathetic take on the woman slut-shaming girls by @weareyuvaa. This is how we need to react. This. (

Maanvi Gagroo, Digital Star: Dear aunty/uncle/society, this is an olive branch, an invitation to talk, to understand. Good job @weareyuvaa (

Khushbu Sundar, National Spokesperson, Congress: ladkiyon ko jeene do, apni tarah..bas ab bohut ho gaya yeh saala chochala..zindagi sirf ek hai, usmein bhi Khed hai? Kya tera kya mera, khoon ka rang toh ek hai..toh kya agar tujhe ghootnon ke beech charbi thodi zyada mili, mujhe tujhe paida karne ki himmat mili.. #tearyeyed (

Akriti Kakar, Singer: An incredible, REAL, very relevant, legit take on ‘The Aunty’ and what she said. Go check this out... ek naya perspective milega. Soch badly hai lekin dilli abhi bahot dur hai. Amazing work @weareyuvaa! (On Instagram)

Video Credits:

Directed by: Divyanshu Mahotra

Written by: Garima Kunzru, Divyanshu Malhotra

Exec Producer: Raunaq Bajaj

Editor: Kashish Sharma

Graphics: Siddhi Surte 

Yuvaa Fam (Creative): Samatha Balachandran, Hailey Dickson, Amulya Prabhu, Anunay Sinha, Manash Gogoi and Lakshaya Rastogi

Produced by: Yuvaa (Nikhil Taneja, Amritpal Bindra, Anand Tiwari)

About Yuvaa: Founded by Nikhil Taneja, Amritpal Bindra and Anand Tiwari, Yuvaa is a youth media organisation for telling purpose-driven stories to start meaningful conversations and empower young Indians. Yuvaa listens to, engages with and shares the stories that bring young India together. Over the next year, it will create and curate original, empathetic and entertaining stories of, for and by the youth of India across genres of non-fiction and fiction web series, docu-series, talk shows, podcasts and short-format on all digital and social media: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @weareyuvaa. This content will be on some of the most pressing issues, struggles, challenges, aspirations and dreams of young India, from mental health and self-care to gender equality and LGBTQ inclusivity to identity and self-expression, that has come from a 3-month research and data mining roadshow across India (25+ cities, 65+ colleges, interviewing hundreds of students).

Yuvaa believes that ‘Every Story Matters’ and its tagline explains its inherent philosophy: ‘We, The Stories’.

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