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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Zee TV’s Manmohini star Zuber K Khan does his own stunts!

Zee TV’s Manmohini star Zuber K Khan does his own stunts!

Post the leap in Zee TV’s fantasy drama show Manmohini, suave actor Zuber K Khan has been winning accolades for his immaculate portrayal of a superhuman in the show. Trying to explore different aspects of acting, Zuber decided to perform his own stunts.

When Zuber got to know that his character Vanraj needs to perform a lot of stunts like Wire Fu, jumping and backflips, he told the team that he doesn’t want any stuntman to perform his stunts for him, he will do them himself. The team makes sure that all the safety precautions are taken before the actor starts shooting for his fight sequences. Since he is a martial artist they were sure that he will be able to pull it off  effortlessly basis his training.

Zuber K Khan said, “I have been training in martial arts for over two years and the experience has helped me a lot in performing stunts and the action sequences in the show. I personally don’t prefer involving a stuntman and do my own stunts because it gives me an adrenaline rush and the confidence to perform better every time. I am essaying the character of Vanraj who is half human and half lion. The role requires me to perform stunts in almost every scene. Not just martial arts, I have also taken horse riding training and other dance forms that helps me in performing hard-hitting action sequences. It feels great when you put all your training to good use."

Way to go, Zuber!
In the upcoming episode, Mohini (Reyhna Pandit) will try to kill Siya(Garima Singh Rathore) by planning a Pooja with Siya’s family where all the ladies of the village will come together. Manmohini puts her devious plan to play so that Ram(Ankit Siwach) doesn’t come face to face with Siya and regain his memory freeing himself from her spell. Will Manmohini succeed in her selfish ploys to keep Ram and Siya apart?

To find out, une-in to watch Manmohini every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM only on Zee TV!

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