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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Platinum Days of Love new digital campaign is here to re-write the rules of love

Platinum Days of Love new digital campaign is here to re-write the rules of love

Mumbai 7th May, 2019 – Countless fall in love, but how many rise in love? Falling in love has more than often implied the need to make sacrifices, giving up, plummeting yourself into a world of compromises, being dependent & losing yourself

But Platinum Days of Love in its new digital campaign #RiseInLove tells you that love doesn’t have to be all that. Rare is that love which pushes you to fulfil your deepest ambitions, tear down the walls of insecurity and self-imposed inhibitions – it brings you to your own attention so you can change your life, and become more. And you just feel deep gratitude to have that person in your life. This beautiful new campaign celebrates those rare couples who have risen in love – who have not let their relationship come in the way of individual dreams and potential. Couples who push each other to become the best version of themselves.

The campaign is supported by a digital film which was released on 1st May – a day also celebrated as “Couple appreciation Day”. Developed and conceptualized by Denstu WebChutney, the film captures a sensitive situation in a couple’s life where ego can easily prop up to take the driver’s seat. A wife who has just been promoted is conflicted with the fact that despite equivalent efforts only she has gotten the promotion & what’s worse is he would have to report to her. She fears the implications of this situation on their relationship & its dynamic. After all for men to swallow a more successful partner is not exactly easy. However, she is comforted by her husband who acknowledges their new reality & the uncomfortable situations that may arise, but is absolutely elated about her achievement. He sees her an individual outside this relationship & acknowledges her strengths pushing her almost to eagerly embrace her new role.

The campaign will be launched across PDOL’s social media handles @platinumdaysoflove on Instagram and @PlatinumDaysOfLove on Facebook that will enable consumers to share their #RiseInLove stories and give an opportunity to thank their partners. There is also a fabulous unthinkable reward in store for one lucky consumer which will be revealed during the campaign.

Talking about the campaign, Sujala Martis, Director, Consumer Marketing (PGI) said, “Falling in love consistently has been described as this state of mind where one is expected to lose a sense of self. Modern couples today want to experience a love that not only helps them grow but also flourish. A love that doesn’t dwarf individual aspiration and ability rather elevates you to accomplish more in life – and that’s a rare kind of love”. 

Commenting on this partnership, Pravin Sutar, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney said, “As the dynamic of the modern Indian relationship evolves within the Zeitgeist, Platinum Days Of Love has successfully been able to juxtapose an individual's latent aspirational facade in contest with their ego. Through this script, we showed how two individuals who love each other can grow exponentially when one another's sacrifices are appreciated for the collective growth of the relationship. Sometimes a simple thank you can make your relationship stronger and build a deeper connection”.

The campaign also launches with it a collection of 6 curated Platinum Couple Bands especially for couples to celebrate and mark this day of love. Every design in this collection is crafted as a pair, for him and her, striking a balance between masculine and feminine design sensibilities, yet connecting them through a singular design expression of love.

This campaign also comes at a time when PGI India kicks off its 4th edition of the ‘Platinum Season of Love’ campaign from May 17 to June 16. An instore conversion program that brings with it extraordinary offers and rewards for consumers and an incredible platinum experience instore with a wide range of platinum jewellery to choose from.

 Please find below the link of the video on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube:



 You tube:

Purity Assurance Program:  

In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, Platinum Guild India Pvt. Ltd. Has appointed Trust Ever Assurance Services LLP to audit and monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity mark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ programme.

 About Platinum Guild International

Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a marketing organisation created in 1975 to develop the global platinum jewellery market. Since then, platinum jewellery has contributed ~80 million ounces of incremental demand.

PGI runs various programmes, both direct to consumer and in collaboration with jewellery retailers and manufacturers.  PGI’s consumer marketing and educational programmes develop awareness and an appreciation for platinum’s unique qualities as a precious metal for fine jewellery. PGI also works collaboratively with partners globally, running extensive marketing programmes in the four main platinum jewellery markets of China, Japan, USA and India.  PGI is funded by the leading platinum producers of South Africa, as well as through co-funded programmes with the jewellery industry.

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