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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Marathi film 'Be careful, the next village' in Punjabi, Urdu Qawwali gurabindara Singh!

Marathi film 'Be careful, the next village' in Punjabi, Urdu Qawwali gurabindara Singh!

"Be careful, the next village," the director Munna Shamim Bhagat's such a unique name for this new Marathi film is currently in the news. As the name suggests is the second installment of our unique film. The intense heat of the missing memory phenomenon jhelavya cost him the green of nature. Similar thinking has taken hold, and the city .However the city to return to contribute to the Saad 'Be careful, the next village, "the film.

"Be careful, the next village, the film became a unique music has been pretty successful social communication. Music is the responsibility of direction taken by the ritesakumara Nalini. He is given the opportunity to film a young damaca Qawwali singer gurabindara Singh. This will be a unique yoga. It's become a Marathi film recorded voice of the Qawwali singer Punjabi and Urdu words. Singh audience watching a small screen gurabindara program name is not new, of course. He is ranked first prize in the Lovely University of patakavalele 'spectra Competition' at phagavara. 'All India Radio' s light music competition secured first place in 2017. And in 2013, 'Voice of Punjab, had won the singing reality show in the second and Zee TV' saregamapa this well-known event, the end of the 7 men. He ramajha music company, my life .... "It got to sing a song which gajalam Punjabi much. Marathi film 'Be careful, the next village' in Urdu or Punjabi singer gurabindara kavvalimule has expressed gratitude to the film producer, director and music director Singh will get plenty of opportunities to sing along.

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