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Friday, 17 May 2019

Have a think, what is Thinkistan?

Have a think, what is Thinkistan?

~ To find out, watch the teaser of MX Original Series - Thinkistan ~

Theirs is a world shaped by madness – sleepless nights, caffeine shots, exciting campaign thoughts, catchy slogans and a place where the most creative ideas come alive… Welcome to Thinkistan!

But what is Thinkistan? Where does this “Stan” exist and who are the people who live here? MX Player has just released the teaser of their upcoming MX Original Series – Thinkistan and it compels you to dive into this world that feels known but is still elusive.

Veteran ad film-maker & now director, N Padmakumar (Paddy) has created a coming-of-age drama series with a multi star cast featuring Mandira Bedi, Naveen Kasturi, Shravan Reddy, Satyadeep Misra and Vasuki Sunkavalli in pivotal roles.

Catch the teaser of Thinkistan now!

Watch the teaser here:


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