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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Are these Virat’s and Rishabh’s best moves yet?

Are these Virat’s and Rishabh’s best moves yet?

Link of the video:  

Recently, a small video of Virat Kohli and Rishabh pant busting some major dance moves surfaced online. We even tried to read the lips for a few seconds of this video, which seems close to “go, go, go….” or “got to go”. 

Now, if you’re an avid cricket follower, you’re probably aware of the amazing talents several cricketers possess off the field. 

From singing and strumming the guitar, to taking social media by storm with their dance moves, our beloved cricketers have never failed to steal our hearts.

Coming back to dance, the video snippet shows Virat and Rishabh having an interesting dynamic off the field and they make for a really fun duo!

Although we’re not sure what these dance steps were for. It could only lead to speculation and possibilities that any die-hard Virat and Rishabh fan (us included) would think up:

Could it be Virat’s new music album? Then, we’d definitely stream it 24/7!

Launch of a new app? You never know!

A Dance Challenge, perhaps? Certainly possible!

What ever it is, WE CAN’T WAIT! Do follow us to get the latest scoop on this interesting new development. Stay Tuned!

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