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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Neetu N Chandra to produce yet another Devdas!

National award winning actress-entrepreneur Neetu N Chandra will be producing Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s most popular work till date, ‘Devdas’ once again for the theatre lovers.

Having been associated with theatre for a long time now, Neetu’s passion for plays is quite well-known. Her play Umrao Jaan has completed more than 40 shows across India.

A source says, “Neetu is very fond of Devdas and is keen on producing a play based on the famous novel. Interestingly, the play has been targeted only for international market and will be staged outside India, including in the USA. Apparently, Neetu’s team is currently looking for a male lead.”

Neetu confirms, “I love that I have been able to continue being associated with theatre. Being a producer comes with a lot of responsibilities. I am creating my own opportunities.”

Katrina Kaif is back with a bang in an "abs-olutely" stunning avatar !

From being the biggest pull at the recent Dream Tour , Katrina Kaif , who has always proved to be a lucky mascot , is back with a bang ! 

 The star's recent release Baar Baar Dekho had everyone talking about her "abs-olutely" stunning new transformation .

Katrina's washboard abs and toned pins are all everyone is discussing ever since the film hit theater screens ,with chart-topper Kaala Chashma being the film's biggest highlight.

Her spectacular new look has given everyone major fitness goals , coupled with her recent public appearances, where she upped her style game big time.

All eyes are now on Katrina to see what's in store next ! After Jagga Jasoos , the star may have locked in on her next big film .Until then the star's fans have to wait till she decides to let the "kat" out of the bag !


The festival of Durga Puja is colored with devotional zeal, mythological legends, detailed rituals, extravagant pandals and magnificent tableaus of the divine Mother Goddess coming with her children Ganesh, Kartik, Lakshmi and Saraswati from Kailash to Dharti (her parent's  home). As the festival of Maa Durga is approaching, Sharbani Mukherji and Bappa Lahiri brings one of the oldest and the biggest Durga Puja- North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja Samiti 2016 in Mumbai to seek the blessings of Maa Durga.

Durga Puja is celebrated from Shasti to Bijoya Dashimi.

On this day,  Maa is welcomed with much fan fare. In the evening ,the Kulo is decorated with Paan, Sindur, Alta, Sheela (stone) , Dhaan etc..and amidst the beats of Dhaak and sound of Shaankh, Maa is welcomed...  This is called Amontron and Adhivas -Maa's Bodhon...Maa is being welcomed.

On  this  day  the   Kalash (Earthen Pot) is  placed  with  a  green Coconut  and  Mango  Leaves .  This is surrounded on all sides by a red thread and tied. This is called KALASH STHAPAN. The Kalash is an earthen Pot because Maa's Murti is made of Ganga clay and Maa's PRAAN (or life) is concentrated in the Pot. So the Pot is the symbol of Maa.  The  Puja  starts  with  praying  to  Ganapati  ,  followed  by  prayers  to  Maa.  Another name of Maa Durga is NABA PATRIKA, which means nine trees i.e.Banana tree, Kochu tree, Haldi tree, Jayanti tree, Branch of Bel tree, Dalim tree ( pomegranate) are tied together. The double Bel fruit is tied to the Banana tree. This is then taken to a river bank or sea and given a bath. When it is brought back it is drapped in a white and red sari with sindur and it now looks like a married lady with her head covered. This is called KOLA BAHU. Many have a misconception that KOLA BAHU is wife of Ganapati but actually she is Maa Durga or Naba Patrika.. Ganapati's mother 
On this day Maa Durga is given a bath. First a vessel is  placed  in front of the Murti; a mirror is kept in the vessel, so that the reflection of Maa is seen in the mirror. The   Priest applies Haldi and Mustard oil on the mirror, as though they are applying it on Maa before the bath. In earlier times  when there was no soap, haldi and mustard oil were used for  having bath. The Pujari puts different kinds of water, i.e. Coconut water, Chandan, Ganga jal, Sugar cane juice, water from seven holy seas to give her bath. During this time, mud from every region, as well as mud from Prostitute’s door is very essential. After bath the Pujari puts dhaan- durba and new sari with Maa’s name written on  the mirror which is then placed on the Bedi (the place of worship).

This  means bringing life into the mirror.  The Pujari takes Kusha and flowers in the right hand, and touches Maa from head to foot and with Mantra Path life is brought into the Murti, Mirror and Kalash.

Every year Maa comes either on a Palki or an Elephant or a Boat or a Dola (Swing) , or a Horse etc. 
This Bengali year 1423, Goddess Durga's arrival on a horse significes, indicates the "bad horse"- The most destructive mood, hence all her path is trampled. The Goddess arrives & leaves the earth on the same vehicle, indicating natural calamities, social unrest and political 
upheavals. Maa Durga's agaman- is on the horse & gaman - on a horse. 
Welcome :
The puja to welcome Maa is done with 16 items- Ashan  Swagatam [ Welcome ], Paddyo [ Water  To  Wash The  Feet ], Argho, Achmoniyom, Madhu Parkam , Purnar Achmaniyam, Abharan [ Shringar], Sindoor, Gandha [ Scent ], Pushpa[ Flower],  Pushpa Mallya [ Garland] , Billo Patra [Bel Leaf] , Billopatra Mala[ Garland Of Bel Leaf], Dhoop,Deep, Kajal, Naibiddo, Bhog And Mishti [Sweet], Paan, Supari.

Puspanjali means offering prayers at Maa’s feet to give everyone long life, fame, good luck, health, wealth, happiness. The devotees request Maa to protect them from all evil, sadness, greed & temptations.

Maa is now Maha Gauri- The Puja starts with Mahasnan & Maha gauri puja. The Puja is done to give Maa the strength of the 64 Yoginis. This is a Puja of 9 pots.Then the weapons of Maa are worshipped.
This is the puja when Ashtami Puja ends and Navami Puja begins,so the name Shandhi puja. This is considered to be the most vital time, meeting (shandhi)of Ashtami and Navami  puja. The duration of this Puja is 45 minutes. At this moment  Maa is CHAMUNDA. 
Pushpanjali: Prayer offering
Bhog is offered which consists of fruits and sweets are offered to Maa, followed by  "NEET  BHOG" , consisting of  Rice, Ghee, Dal, Fried Vegetables, Chutney and Payesh.  This prasad  is later distributed amongst the devotees which is called KANGALI BHOJAN. 
At this time 108 diyas are lit and 108 lotus are offered to Maa. 
There is a famous story that Lord Ram prayed to Maa Durga offering 108 lotus at her feet in order to defeat Ravan. But to his surprise he found one lotus  missing , to replace it ,he wanted to sacrifice his eye and pray to that moment Maa appeared in front of him and stopped him..returning the missing lotus to him.  She then blessed him for his " VICTORY". 
On this day, Maa is SIDDHI DHATRI. This Puja starts with  Ganapati Puja and then puja of all the other DEV and DEVIS are performed..followed by Maha Snan of Maa.

On this day Maa had defeated and killed Mahishashur.

Bhog with curd, honey and milk is offered to Maa.. this is called CHARANAMRIT. The pujari sitting on the Asan takes a flower near the sacred pot and keeps it in the Northern direction because Maa is from KAILASH.
Then the  pujari takes the sacred mirror which was on the vessel and performs the ritual of Visharjan. This is the same mirror which was used to welcome Maa because her reflection is on the mirror .
The married ladies apply sindur on Maa's  forehead and offer sweets after which all the other  ladies apply sindur on each other's forehead. This is followed by  KANAK ANJALI when Maa is departing back to her husband's abode.
During the Visharjan of the Murti, all the devotees either go to a river bank or sea and immerse the Murti in the water.

The sacred pot is brought back from the river/sea filled with the water where the Murti is immersed. Then the pujari chants the Mantra and sprinkles water with the help of mango leaves on the head of all the devotees for peace and happiness.
This is the day of rejoicement,where youngsters touch the feet of their elders seeking their blessings and sweets are distributed. 
North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja Samiti  is the only Durga Puja Samiti which performs the visarjan with the help of  fork lift and  crane. The idols  are  lifted from the truck and then taken till the middle of the sea with the help of a crane .After the seven parikramas  are performed,they are then finally immersed one by one into the sea. 

Sharbani Mukherji says “Our Durga puja was started by my grandparents  Mr. S. Mukerji and Smt. Satirani  Mukerji .This year is our 69th year. We have been following the traditions set by our elders from generation to  generation. Our puja is well known as a "GHARUA PUJA" which means all are welcome to become a part of our puja family... we believe in serving Bhog to all who come to seek blessings of Maa Durga. Our members are actively involved in serving the Bhog.  These few days are days of bonding and celebrations amongst all of us, along with getting an opportunity to wear traditional attire .It is a Sarbojanin puja so all are welcome to be a part of this family."

Bappa Lahiri says“Durga Puja is one of the most important festivals of Bengali. Its a tradition we are following since years, and being the third generation in my family, i am continuing the legacy. Its an occasion where the family comes together and celebrates the festival. We have an AC pandal which is one of the largest pandal in Mumbai. We welcome each & everyone with open heart to seek the blessings of Maa".

Randeep Hooda & Ajay Kapoor of T-Series along with Gurpreet Kaur Chadha of Punjabi Global and Mr K.Ravi of India Media link & Event Foundation bid farewell to Bappa In a unique way. The two personality’s seeked the blessings of Lord Ganesha through an aerial ride on a helicopter.

Randeep Hooda & Ajay Kapoor of T-Series & Gurpreet Kaur Chadha of Punjabi Global Foundation and Mr K.Ravi of India Media link & Event says "It was an outstanding experience to see so much love for Bappa. It’s for the 1st time that we saw so many Visarjans at once through the helecopter ride. Ganpati bappa morya pudhchya varshi lokakarya"

Evelyn Sharma's BTS pictures Dubai shoot for a music video.

Evelyn is living it up in style in Dubai and having fun, posing with a luxury car (Lamborghini)

Evelyn post her hottest bikini picture yet!

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress Evelyn Sharma never fails to post hot bikini pictures of herself when traveling around the world! Who follows her on social media is sure to get their daily dose of sunshine, beach snaps and luxury indulgence!

Evelyn who has been shooting and vacationing in Dubai just posted another bikini on her Instagram! The Sunny Sunny star posted a fun snap in her glorious golden tan on the Dubai Marina Beach! However it is not the typical sultry look we are used to from sexy actresses! Evelyn known best for her comedy roles in films like Main Tera Hero posted her funniest picture yet!

Besides all the fun on the beach Evelyn has been posting picture from her shoot and the nightlife of Dubai! A source close to the actress revealed that she has been vacationing with close friend Bollywood starlet Elli Avram. Despite the common notion that actresses can't be friends, it seems two pretty girls who like to laugh bond well!

Evelyn coming with Pakistani singer for Single

India-Pakistan relations are blossoming. At least in the world of films. Indo German beauty Evelyn Sharma and Pakistani singer Zohaib Amzad come for their first song together

Evelyn Sharma grooves on a peppy number, ‘Ani Pa De’ from her forthcoming single’. It is a total party number, very entertaining. Evelyn puts on her dancing shoes and set the dance floor on fire.

According to sources "it's a very different thing that she is doing. Zohaib offered her the song and she has never been seen like this before. It's a very glamorous song.' So all that excitement said yes to it her. The moment she heard the song, The actress was all the more excited as it's such a catchy song,"

After Pani Pani song once again, Yaariyan actress Evelyn pulls off peppy track she can rest on her laurels, since she always gives in a hundred percent!

The track was sung by Zohaib Amjad has been directed by Arsal Khan & Beyond Studios. .

Here the link :

Karan Johar to be a part of TIFF(Toronto International Film Festival)

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was screened at Tiff and a decade later Karan Johar will be a part of special talk with the festival’s co-director Cameron Bailey.... '
An insider says that Karan Johar will be a part of the'In Conversation With segment at Tiff which is an on stage conversation with leaders in the film industry and beyond..usually only a select few are invited to participate in this segment.

This year  Karan will be joined by the likes of Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg (above), French actor Isabelle Huppert, Brazilian actor Sonia Braga, and Palestinian film-maker and actor Hiam Abbass, among others..
TIFF is an exceptional platform, as it brings the world of cinema together. So, doing an ‘in conversation’ is an honour for me. I look forward to meeting film-makers and members of the world film fraternity during my stay in Toronto, Canada. KANK was shown in the festival in 2006. Going back means the world to me.”says Karan Johar

A Flying Jatt aala re The film rakes in 7.1 cr on Gokulashtami

Janmashtami is raking in the numbers in every way possible - be it as a festival or film. Friday release, A Flying Jatt has literally taken a flying start. The Tiger Shroff-starrer opened at very few select screens pan-india on Thursday and raked in a bonus figure of 7.1crores. 

The intial plans for the release of the film included paid previews only in the evening, but the makers then decided to capitalise the day and start only in select screens."We opened only in select screens on Janmashtami and raked in the semi-holiday benefit in the day.So instead of holding paid previews in the evening, we started with it in the mornings. We're glad to have capitalised on the bonus semi holiday," said a Balaji source
And what a bonus semi-holiday it has been, the film raked in 7.1cr and is now set to march into the release weekend with this added number. 

First poster of Ae dil hai Mushkil

Varun dhawan waves out to fans in Jaipur

Varun dhawan who is currently shooting for Badrinath ke dulhaniya in jaipur and Kota has been getting a lot of fans coming to catch a glance of him 
Recently the crowd became a lot so Varun himself came out and waved out to all his fans. 

Varun dhawan in Kota shooting for Badrinath ki dulhaniya

Half Girlfriend 1st Bollywood film to shoot at the UN Headquarters in Newyork

Half girlfriend shoot at headquarters in United Nations ,Newyork

Mohit Suri's half girlfriend is the 1st ever Bollywood film which is being shot at the headquarters of the United Nations Newyork. 
Arjun kapoor shoots a crucial scene of the film there. It is very difficult to get permission shoot in the premises of the international organisation. 
The script was submitted to convince the authorities to convince them to shoot in the premises. 

Akshay Kumar fans celebrate his Birthday

Akshay Kumar celebrated his birthday with his family in Maldives...While he was celebrating his birthday with his family his fans were celebrating his birthday in different ways...
Akshay has a fan club called Khiladi group they organised ablood donation camp in Sholapur..Fans from Sichar assam spemt time with special kids....
Another fan club called Ranchi Akkians celebrated with Underprivileged kids....While Akshay''s fan club in USA spent time at the MARC Academy and family centre in Newyork..
A source  says that  Akshay is happy to see the noble acts that are undertaken..
Akshay's Birthday is on the 9th of September...