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Monday, 22 August 2016

Problems Mount for Arshi Khan after Fatwa Issued & Facebook Blocks Page for Bikini-Burkha Images

It's not just the Muslim clergy in India and Pakistan who are upset with Arshi Khan's alleged Bikini-Burkha-Hijab pics. While Arshi Khan has not yet confirmed or denied if the photographs - that have gone viral on social media within a matter of hours, are her own or genuine, a fatwa has been issued against model-turned-actress Arshi Khan on Tuesday by a Maulana in Jammu. 

Now, according to the latest news update by IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, after thousands of angry Muslims in India and Pakistan reported Arshi Khan's alleged hijab and burkha bikini images, Facebook responded with a harsh and heavy hand and unpublished (marked as hidden) Arshi Khan's official Facebook Page located at The page is now only visible to page admins and some others who have LIKED the page and will remain hidden until Facebook manually reviews the page.

"This happens when several hundred people mark as obscene or derogatory or defamatory an image or post or page. The Facebook automated security system springs into place and makes or marks the image or post or page or user profile as "hidden", so that the reported content does not spread and cause distress to others. A FB security official will then manually review the content and check if it complies with the FB policies and Terms of Use. If it does not, it may be deleted or may be re-instated by FB, said Facebook and social media expert Flynn Remedios, who manages official FB pages for over 50 Bollywood celebs and artistes.

According to a news report on IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, a Maulana from Jammu and Kashmir had issued a fatwa against the Indian model Arshi Khan after photographs or selfies of her wearing a bikini beneath a Hijab and other image in a Burkha, but exposing her legs went viral on Facebook.

Earlier about eight months ago a fatwa was issued against Arshi Khan for tweeting about her physical relationship with cricketer Shahid Afridi on Twitter. This fatwa had been issued by a mufti from a Madrassa in Pakistan.

The authenticity of the images could not be confirmed and Arshi Khan has not made any statements to confirm or deny if the images are hers. However, a post on her official Facebook page ( where she shared a post of the leaked images gave credence to the fact that she was aware of the vulgar images floating around and has not chosen to deny that they were hers.

We tried to contact Arshi Khan for her comments on the issue, but she was unavailable for comment. Her management in Mumbai said Arshi Khan was out of Mumbai and in Rajasthan for a shoot. "She will comment on the issue when she returns to Mumbai next week," Arshi Khan's publicist said in Mumbai.