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5x6 Foldable SofaCum Bed, 50 Density, Dr. Foam, For 3 People To Sit And Sleep, For Discounted Price - 9999/-
5x6 Foldable SofaCum Bed, 50 Density, Dr. Foam, For 3 People To Sit And Sleep, For Discounted Price - 9999/-

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Khidki’s 3rd story Tiffin Chor to spread incessant laughter!

Alok Nath (Manav Gohil) is happily married with one daughter and is leading a peaceful life. He has a perfect job, a happy marriage that anyone would ask for. However there is one thing that is a thorn in his flesh, the fact that his wife Nandini (Pariva Pranati) cannot cook up a decent meal. Nandini’s father (Anang Desai) owns a vegetable farm and grows lauki. The doting father leaves kilos of Lauki at his daughter’s place every time. Nandini who is a bad cook makes Lauki every day for Alok thinking he loves the vegetable. Alok on the other hand eats it without complaining as he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.
 Alok who is fed up of seeing the same vegetable in his tiffin every day accidently exchanges his tiffin with one of his colleagues. Soon he is struck with an idea of purposely exchanging his tiffin with someone in office and soon the drama of tiffins getting exchanged and misplaced begins. People in office soon notice that something is amiss and decide to investigate the matter of this ‘Tiffin Chor’.  This leads to utter chaos as every person in office is under the needle of suspicion.
 Manav Gohil who plays Alok Nath said, ”Alok is fed up of eating the same lauki ki sabzi every day. Finally he decides to resort to other means to avoid eating his tiffin. He exchanges his tiffin with that of his colleagues every day which leads to a lot of confusion and drama in his office. However, Alok’s mischief is short lived because the people in his office soon realize that there is something going on.”
 How will the office people nail the culprit? Will Alok ever get rid of lauki ki sabzi?

To find out watch Khidki every Monday to Friday, 9:30 pm only on SAB TV!