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Sunday, 11 December 2016

‘Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union’ having 43000 members successfully accomplished the vast and grand office opening ceremony

MUMBAI.The inauguration of the new office of the Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union was held at the fourth floor of express Zone in Malad (East), opposite the office of Reliance Energy near Express Highway with pomp and splendor where Satyanarayan Katha, Bhajan Sandhya etc were organised on a grand scale successfully. The dashing Chairman of the Union is Ram Kadam and Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav alias Sanju is the General Secretary of the Union. Present on the occasion were thousands of workers of the Mazdoor Union.
       The Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union has over 43000 members. Through their Union, the members will be given Rs 50,000 to get two daughters married, a lakh if they die while working and a monthly pension of Rs 1000 if he is handicapped, besides allowances for studies, medical expenses etc. On the occasion, the President of the Film & TV Institute of India Gajendra Chauhan, Western India Film Producers Association Sangram Shirke, Producer-Director Dheeraj Kumar, Raza Murad, Ali Khan etc added glamour to the occasion with their august presence.
          Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav alias Sanju,the General Secretary of the Union, gave a fitting reply to all his opponents and critics with his painstaking efforts by opening  this new spacious office. On the occasion, he said, “The earlier office was very small and the members of the Union had to face a lot of difficulties and hence it was very necessary to start a bigger office. We are fighting only for our worker’s rights. We offer facilities to the members in the form of funds for marriage, medical, Retirement pension, Education Fund etc. We are taking efforts to provide many kinds of facilities too. We only want to get the workers their due rights."
           The dashing and dynamic Chairman of the Union Ram Kadam(BJP MLA) could not attend the function  due to some reason but he conveyed his wishes to the workers and said that  it was the beginning of good days for all the member brothers of the Union.Present on the occasion were Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav alias Sanju, the General Secretary of the Union,Bhagwati Prasad Shukla, Senior Vice Chairman Sharaffuddin Mohammad, Vice Chairman Jagdiosh Patil, Jt Sec Rakesh Mourya, Dinesh Chaturvedi (Daddu) Union's Advocate F.R. Mishta and Shailesh , Chandrakant Malkar, Ashok Dubey, Palghar Jilla Deputy Leader Navin Dubey, Nagar Sevaks Sitaram Gupta, Prashant Kadam, Sachin Desai, Anil Tiwari, R.R. Mishra, Dharmendar Arora, Rajesh Anbhavne, Prakash Upadhyay, Deepak Chowdhary, Surendra Srivastav, Sanjay Sharma,, Radhshyam Gupta, Sailesh Pandya, Bhavesh Pachmatiya, Navin Singh, Ramesh Mishra, Shivkumar Tiwari, Ravindra Arora, Advocate C.P. Singh,Pramod Dubey Pappu, Manoj Pandey, Sanjay Singh, Raj Sharma, Rajaram Gaekwad, Sunil Mishra, Sudhakar Mishra and all the other  members from various party cadres made the inaugural function a great success by their participation on the occasion.

Vindu Dara Singh & his wife Dina ready to add Grandeur and Beauty to every girl’s nails

Mumbai.A famous brand of gel polish called Bluesky, which is one of the leading brands in the world for nail gel polish, is getting popular day by day in large numbers at big beauty salons, nail spas and five star hotels and also among film and TV actresses. The USP of the nail gel polish launched in India by Dina Singh the entrepreneur wife of Vindu Dara Singh is that it is not only attractive and beautiful but also lasts longer and adds to one's lasting beauty without chipping.
              Says Vindu Dara Singh,"Dina always likes to do something out of the box and she has started work on the world famous nail gel polish Bluesky.We have got such a fabulous response to Bluesky that we both have decided to work on promoting it in a big way. We just cannot explain in words the kind of response that we have been eliciting from big beauty salons and nail spas and five star hotels and from people all over the country. 
       Vindu continues, "It is for every girl & women who pay a visit to the beauty salons and nail spas to get their nails done and once they use Bluesky they become loyal customers. It is very attractive and beautiful and adds to one's beauty and grandeur. Frankly Dina knew that this was her gift to every Indian girl or women and has put in a lot of hard work and now has even roped in me, her husband to spread the magic of Bluesky all over India! 

Dara Singh’s Biography will be release in December


Mumbai,The late legendary wrestler cum actor Dara Singh (Rustom E Hind) has brought the name of India to the forefront  in the arena of sports as well as the world of films, politics as well as social services. Dara Singh's name is reverently mentioned with a lot of respect in every field. The book Meri Atma Katha written by him is now being taught in some schools in Haryana.Now Dara Singh’s Biography is ready to release next month and the film will release next year. On Dara Singh’s Birthday i.e. 19th November Vindu Dara Singh says, "Dad's biography has now also been written in English and will be released in December 2016. The book will reveal various hidden facets of my dad Daraji. As films like Sultan and Dangal which have been made in our country with the backdrop of wrestling and the book on Daraji is being read by many children, I am confident that people will be inspired tremendously by Daraji and I hope we get champions like Daraji in our country who will succeed in raising the bar of sports in the country and bring pride to the entire nation."

“An Unplanned step by the Government Puts the Entire Nation in Turmoil.”- Neeraj Bharadwaj(Film & TV Actor)

MUMBAI: Today there are chaos and turmoil in the entire nation because of the move to demonetization of currency. As Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were declared invalid overnight, people even after standing in queues at railway stations, in trains, hotels and villages are not able to exchange their currency and hence suffer a lot to organize weddings. The biggest problem is to ensure tea, meals, vegetables and a lot of people have even died, due to Modi’s ideas of demonetization which is not exactly new since Dr Ambedkar had stated that if a country has more black money, demonetization is proper step according to TV and film actor Neeraj Bharadwaj.
         The Film & TV Actor Neeraj Bharadwaj says, “The government has a lot of monetary advisers and hence the government should have heeded to their advice. At least it should have announced that new notes of Rs 500 and Rs. 2000 are coming. It should also announce from when it will be made available. If the government had closed down banks and recalibrated the ATMs, this chaos would not have happened at all. Today, it is not just me but anyone would say that he is against corruption, terrorism and black money. Though I and the whole country praise Modiji for the brave decision, the fact that it was announced without planning is akin to plundering the entire nation. Crores of rupees are being lost in the market and one does not really know when normalcy will be restored. An Unplanned step by the Government Puts the Entire Nation in Turmoil. Every day a new announcement is being made. To what extent will the common man trust the government”?
               Adds Neeraj,“Today the entire nation is standing in line for the sake of their own earnings in sweat and blood, leaving their work though the government is aware of the fact that only 25% have black money in their possession. Those who are talking ill of Modiji are not patriots. And even if people talk ill of Modiji then it is consider that they are against him but actually they are against his rules and not against him per se. Is it an intelligent move to make the pool dry to catch a few dirty fish? Should we all leave our family for the sake of the nation just because he did so? Every one cannot forsake their responsibility for the sake of nation. Neither is I a Congress man nor a BJP guy but I am someone who is with anyone working in the interest of the nation. I’d say we have had enough of speeches, announcements and campaigns and what we need is rational action in the form of ration to eat and drink.” 

Shekhar Suman’s New show ‘Success Stories’ to air on Zee Business

Mumbai.Shekhar Suman had attained even greater share of fame long ago with his iconic show Movers& Shakers than even what Kapil Sharma has attained with his show now. Shekhar Suman is now all set to stage his grand comeback on TV with the new show 'Success Stories' produced by Water Entertainment by Gurudev Aneja and directed by Varun Middha. The new show which will have duration of half an hour will air on every Sunday from January onwards on Zee Business.
           Producer Gurudev Aneja had earlier made a film called Ebn-E-Batuta which was also directed by Varun Middha. Both Gurudev and Varun are friends who hail from Haryana and know each other for a long period of time. The sponsor of the show is and Mithilesh is the writer of the show. 
          Says Director Varun about the show, “It is a different kind of a show about people who have made it big in their own respective field without having any background whatsoever, on their own steam and merit.It will feature them on the show and Shekhar will talk to them about their happiness, sadness and experience and the listeners can learn a lot from these successful stories and get inspired to become successful like them. The show will feature successful people from different fields like Films, Real Estate, IT or Education, etc.”
           “There is no one who can beat Shekhar Suman as far as hosting a show. Shekhar and I have done a lot of shows on stage together. Shekhar knows what to talk and when and to whom. We needed someone like him to host the show as he is a multi talented all round actor on his own right,” says Gurudev Aneja.
            The shooting of different episodes of the show Success Stories is being held at Madh Island,Malad (West),Mumbai in a bungalow on huge sets specially made for the show. Till date, noted personalities like Pahalaj Nihalani, who is the Chairman of the Central Board of Film certifications, popular director of comedy films David Dhawan and popular villain Sonu Sood have shot for the show.

Akshay Kumar and Vindu Dara Singh release The Book ‘Deedara Aka Dara Singh

Mumbai.Super star Akshay Kumar, who said he had met the legendary wrestler cum actor for the first time when he was a child and showed a picture of the meeting even remembering the shirt he wore, released a book written by Seema Sonik Alimchand on the late actor cum politician called ‘Deedara aka Dara Singh’. The book published by Westland was released at Hotel J. W. Marriot, Juhu, Mumbai on Saturday 10th December, 2016. 
       While releasing the book, Akshay Kumar stated that he had a close relationship with both Dara Singh and his actor son Vindu and Amrik since like Dara Singh, his own father Hari Om Bhatia also was a wrestler and he remembered the good old days when he used to accompany his father to Vallabh Bhai Patel Stadium to watch Dara Singh’s wrestling matches. Akshay recollected that he remembered a myth about Daraji that there was a Trishul on his back and whenever he gets angry, his third eye will open. 
        On spotting Gurbachan Singh and Mohan Baggad in the audience, Akshay turned emotional and said that Mohan Baggad was the first fight composer with whom he worked in the industry and his first fight scene in the same film was with Gurbachan Singh. 
            Answering a question whether he would like to be part of a biopic on Dara Singh, Akshay Kumar joked that if Vindu persisted and pushed him he was ready to act in such a huge biopic but it will entail a lot of preparation including working on his body to play the part and he would need a year or two to get into that kind of frame.
              Vindu confessed that as a child, he was very weak till he passed out of eighth standard and his father put him to exercise and building his body and before the end of school he was the strongest due to his father Dara Singh,he also praised Akshay for being a doting dad and was sure that Aarav with be a huge superstar due to hard work and training that his father will ensure happens, he also said that writer Mahrukh Mirza (of Mirza Brothers of Love Story fame) has written the subject for a film on Dara Singh and the biopic on the late actor would be launched shortly as the producers are a huge company. Seema Sonik Alimchand, writer of the book ‘Deedara aka Dara Singh’ had  done a lot of research for over two years on Daraji after consulting his wife and the family members of Dara Singh including Vindu Dara Singh.           
               Present at the venue were Shad Randhawa with his entire family, Mukesh Rishi,Naved and Sayeeda Jafferi, Rohit Verma, Mohan Baggad, Gurbachan Singh, Mohomed,Lucky and Ali Morani ,Mamik, Rajil Sayani, the son of Ameen Sayani, Rattan Aulakh,writer Mahrukh Mirza and others, Vindu Dara Singh's wife Dina and their daughter Amelia , brothers Parduman and Amrik, Daman Maan and friends . 

A Successful Seminar On Cleanliness Organised by Children Welfare Centre High School

Mumbai. The seminar organized by the Children Welfare Centre’s school, Clara’s College of Commerce and Versova Resident Volunteers on Monday 3rd October, 2016 at the Children Welfare Centre High School,Yari Road, Andheri (W),Mumbai was a grand success. The children of the high school and the college welcomed the chief guest Mr. Erik Solheim (Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme), attired in traditional costumes in cultural style by applying tilak on the forehead and garlanding them with floral garlands. Erik addressed the Students and told them that damage has been done to a large extent to the environment, animals and birds besides human beings due to the littering of garbage and plastic on the river banks and how pollution and damage to environment could be reduced to a large extent. On this occasion, the Principal of Children Welfare Centre Mr Ajay Kaul, the School’s executive Chairman Mr Prashant Kashid, Film & TV Actor Naresh Suri and Versova Resident volunteers Mr Afroz Shah also added grandeur and dignity to the event with their august presence and also expressed their viewpoints.
                      Mr Ajay Kaul and Mr Prashant Kashid said that Mr Erik Solheim was trying his level best to save the environment from the encroachment of plastic and littering and added that just a day before he had cleaned the beach with his Swachchata Campaign and hence we have organized this seminar, through which today’s youth will come to know more about how to prevent the environment from choking with plastic and littering and be free. Mr Erik Solheim also added that children of the school as well as the college are the future of every country and if they are taught properly about the harmful effects of littering and pollution on our environment then the future will see less of hassles as far as pollution and environment are concerned and hence I decide to attend this seminar.

DSP’s Son Akshay Rangshahi Stars in Bold Sexy Romantic Film

The bold romantic film ‘Ishq Junoon-The Heat Is On’ produced by the popular director Anil Sharma’s brother Anuj Sharma and directed by his brother Sanjay Sharma is slated for release on November 11, 2016 all over the world. Akshay Rangshahi, who happens to be the son of the DSP Ashok Rangshahi of Indore ( M.P) is playing one of them two leads in the film along with an actor called Raj.Akshay is playing the role of a young man called Veer, who is not like any other young contemporary man but lives life on his own and leads a life of his in a world of his own. Raj is his childhood friend and both are ready to sacrifice each other’s life for the sake of one another. One day Akshay goes to Raj’s college and happens to watch Paakhi , played by Divya Singh in a programme  and instantly falls in love with her at the first sight but when later realizes that she is his friend ‘s girl friend, the story takes an altogether different turn.
             Akshay has a lot of romantic and sexy scenes in the film.When asked whether he had any aspersions about playing a sexy and bold role like that of Akshay in the film especially when he happens to be the son of the DSP of Indore, Akshay retorts, “If I do a similar thing in real life, I agree it will be totally wrong. Today several actors and actresses all over the country happen to be leaders of the nation, who have also played different kinds of roles on the screen as actors. Were they wrong”? 
            Akshay Rangshahi concludes. “My role is very good in the film and it is for the first time that producer Anuj Sharmaji has given me a break and hence I have played the role. I seek an apology if anyone is hurt by my playing a bold role. After all, it is only a role in a film and since the film has been made well, I am one hundred per cent confident that the audiences will lap up my role and the film in a big way.” 

Akshay Rangshahi was shy while shooting for Bedroom Sequences

Film, ‘Ishq Junoon-The Heat Is On’, produced by the popular director Anil Sharma's brother Anuj Sharma and directed by their brother Sanjay Sharma  is a bold, romantic, sexy musical film which is slated for release on November 11, 2016. The lead role is played by Akshay Rangshahi, who is the son of DSP Ashok Rangshahi of Indore
(M.P).Akshay is playing the role of Veer and it is his first film.Akshay had to shoot a bedroom sequence with actress Divya Singh for the film, that too in front of the entire unit members. 
     Before the shoot commenced, Akshay was in jitters and started shivering at the very thought of doing the erotic bedroom sequence and was tongue tied because of fear as he was very shy. Somehow the director Sanjay Sharma managed to convince him of the need of the scene and with great difficulty, Akshay managed to shoot the scene. 
       Thankfully after the scene was canned, Akshay Rangshahi shot for all the other scenes too without any hesitation or shyness. Says Akshay Rangshahi,"It was indeed a memorable experience for me to shoot for the sequences.Sanjayji supported me a lot and hence I could shoot the scenes. It is easy for people to talk about bedroom but quiet tough to shoot the character in front of every one.Especially if you happen to do it for the first time in your career. The film has shaped up well and I am confident that it would be liked by the youth of the country." 

Global Advertiser bags most trusted brand awards

              Mumbai.Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director of Global Advertiser bagged “India’s Most Trusted Outdoor & Media Agency” award at the recently concluded function of India’s Most Trusted Brand Awards 2016 on October 16,2016  at the Leela Hotel, Andheri(West),Mumbai . The function was hosted by Hemant Kaushik, C.E.O. of IBC Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., a division of USA’s International Brand Consulting Corporation. Consistently performing with futuristic trends and addressing social causes has always been on the top rung of Global’s agenda. Having received this brand award is like a cherry topping on the cream for all at Global Advertising. Sanjeev Gupta is elated to receive this award and attributes all the success achieved in its two decades to the entire team.Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director of Global Advertiser’s Sanjeev Gupta says, “I am delighted to receive this prestigious award. Global billboards can be seen at almost every location in Mumbai. We have acquired Asia’s largest hoarding at Bandra flyover which is 80 x 125 ft in size and can be seen from more than 3 km. distance with an uncluttered view. Our advertising mantra is reaching audiences of all ages, and background, including families, professionals and tourists with our path-breaking initiatives. With the blessings of Radhe Maa and the inexhaustible competitive drive from my team has created a niche for us in outdoor and media advertising. We provide maximum mileage within the budget and offering strategic solutions in corporate, social responsibilities, entertainment industry, construction, telecom, banking and others.” 

Gymnast Dipa Karmakar instigates zeal Among Children Welfare Centre High School

    Mumbai. Childrens Welfare Centre High School situated at Yari Road, Andheri (West),Mumbai along with Clara’s College of Commerce organized a gala function on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 with great pomp and vigour. Dipa Karmakar, the first trailblazing Indian female gymnast winner of bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games2014 and respectively at the Asian Gymnastics Championships and 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Dronacharya Awardee winner Bishweshwar Nandi for gymnastics also graced the occasion as guests of honour.Principal Ajay Kaul and Executive Chairman Prashant Kashid along with staff and students of the school and college welcomed the guests in a manner which will be cherished in memories for long. The guests were welcomed with music band followed by rituals of ‘aarti’ and honouring them by presenting bouquets and trophies. Speaking on the occasion Ajay Kaul, Principal of Children’s Welfare Centre High School, said, “Very soon we are opening a gymnastics centre which will help our school and college children to take part and go ahead to be a sportsman.” 
            The executive chairman of the school, Prashant Kashid added, “This function has been organized to initiate children and boost the morale of children to take active part in sports activities too.”
         Dronacharya awardee winner Bishweshwar Nandi affirmatively added, “In earlier times there was a saying if you study then you will become a ‘nawab’ and if you play and jump then you will become a baddie. But the notion has been proved wrong. You can earn name and fame by bagging titles in any sports activity. Dipa Karmakar is one such living example who has earned fame as an artistic gymnast all over the world. Recently in Rio Olympics 2016, for the first time in 52 years, the artistic gymnast finished fourth and her performance was appreciated worldwide. Tripura, the third-smallest state in the country and the home town of Dipa has drawn attention all over due to her. I feel all the children should take active interest in sports.”
         World class gymnast Dipa Karmakar approved and said, “Today, all the children along with studies should take active interest in sports too. Both activities are very much necessary in our life. It is up to each one how you prioritize among them and feel comfortable and enjoyable too.”
             Clara’s College of Commerce principal Dr. Zahida Shaikh, Clara’s College of Education principal Dr.Safia Mukadam, Prof. & Teacher Diana Rayen, Mr.Jilottama Belel,Humera Nagri,Aksha Memon,Chani Khedwal  and all the teachers and children actively participated in this function and exhibited spirit of optimism and confidence. 

‘Mota Bhai’ celebrates Diwali!

Yes…Neeraj Bharadwaj a.k.a Chirag Modi(Mota Bhai) of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, the television drama series aired on Star Plus channel is taking time off from his routine shoots and will celebrate the auspicious Diwali festival with his family. The talented actor Bharadwaj playing Chirag Modi has been associated with this show for the last 6-years. Like the show, he too is a popular figure and made his village, Katihar in Bihar, a place to reckon with and talked about.
          Neeraj Bharadwaj has played the lead in few Hindi and Bhojpuri films too. He always likes to celebrate the festivals with his family; especially Holi and Diwali. This Diwali too he has reached his village Katihar and is very happy. “I love to be with my family especially in Holi and Diwali festival which is celebrated here with pomp and vigor. This year too, I am lucky to be in my hometown – Katihar this Diwali and celebrate the festival with my mother, brother, sister-in-law, sister and her husband, my nephews, my old friends, relatives and others. It’s just fun here and always be a memorable outing for me,” says Neeraj Bharadwaj who is in high spirits.
          He further adds, “I am thankful to God for blessing me with my family and giving me quality work as an actor. Work is always there; but taking time out and celebrating festive occasions with your family is an unforgettable celebration. Coming here just gives me a different kind of energy level and I get charged which helps me to retain it all the year round during the shoots. We have a compound outside my house where we burn crackers with children and share sweets with each other. I feel that celebrating festival in your home town is lot of fun and also extend by rocking Diwali wishes to all my readers.”

Film & Tv Actor Neeraj Bharadwaj felicitated by the Gorakhpur Press Club

The multi talented and versatile actor Neeraj Bharadwaj, who has played the leading role in movies like Prem Shastra, Waqt Ke Shehzade and Taqdeer Ka Sikandar, has also done a few Bhojpuri films & serials Like Ehsaas, CID,Kaach Ke Rishty etc,now doing Mehul Kumar’s Hindi feature film ‘Shaadi Ke Baad Love Marriage’and also has been playing the role of Chirag Modi alias Mota Bhai in the long running show ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ for the last six years was recently felicitated by the Gorakhpur Press Club at Gorakhpur(U.P.).